TRU Saint of the Month Club

January box with St. Francis de Sales will arrive in time for Christmas if ordered by Dec. 15!

A monthly Saint of the Month Club package is delivered right to the door.  All kids enjoy getting a gift in the mail!  Each month we prayerfully create and select items that encourage a fun and interactive journey with a special Saint.  Children will be inspired by this gift to live out their faith through prayer, action, and creativity.  You can help a child grow in holiness and join “THE CLUB” we all want to be a part of!

Take a peek at our featured gift items this month and order for as long as you would like:

This Saint of the Month Club is a celebration of our friendship with the Saints.  It’s faith-filled encouragement and inspiration for boys and girls, ages 5 through 11 years old.  It’s a helping hand for Parents, Grandparents, Godparents and anyone who wants to assist a child in growing in their love of Jesus and the Saints.

Foster a love of the faith and celebrate with the SAINTS each Month with your child!

Prayer Leads Us to Holiness


Each month your Saint of the Month Club gift will include 1 Holy Cards and 1 Quick Facts CardThe Holy Card  shares a intercessory prayer to the Saint of the Month and the Facts Card compliments the monthly Saint Story. Both cards make really fun learning tools!  These cards are beautifully crafted, mini works of art and are printed on heavy cardstock with a smooth satin finish. They measure 4×51/2″ so they are perfect for collecting!

Faith in Action


Included each month is a Saint of the Month Story.  This short story helps your child  get to know the life of the Saint.  Also included is a monthly Live Like a Saint challenge, which gives your child the opportunity to put their faith into action, learning that they can effect the world around them in a positive, faith-filled way!



A beautiful, TRU custom designed coloring page is included in each Saint of the Month Club gift.  This coloring page is on heavy stock paper which makes it suitable for framing or makes a great gift for loved ones far away.  The details on this coloring page are terrific and will help your child know they are truly artistic.


Treasure Your Faith

In each Saint of the Month Club gift, children will receive a special coin, medal, medallion, or token.  This special item can be blessed by a Priest and become a Sacramental.  This sacramental can be worn, carried, or hung on the wall as a reminder of our Faith and love of Jesus and the Saints.  A sacramental is a special prayer, action, or object which, through the prayers of the Church, prepares a person to receive grace and to better cooperate with it.


Everyday Praise


In order to continually  direct our desire towards Christ, we need constant reminders. Children need this daily encouragement too.  In each Saint of the Month Club gift, we will include something to assist them in their daily walk.  A special craft, book, CD or DVD will be just what they need to help them on their journey of faith.



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